Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sidneian Psalms: Psalm 2

Quare fremuerunt gentes?

What ailes this Heath'nish rage? what do the people meane,
         To mutter murmurs vaine?
Why do these earthly kings and lords such meetings make,
         And councell joyntly take
Against the Lord of Lords, the lord of ev'rie thing,
         And his annointed king?
Come, let us break their bonds, say they, and fondly say,
         And cast their yokes away.
But he shall them deride who by the Heav'ns is borne,
         He them shall laugh to scorn,
And after speak to them with breath of wrathfull fire;
         And vex them in his ire.
And say, O kings, yet have I set my King upon
         My holy hill Sion;
And I will (saith this king) the Lords decree display,
         And say that he did say,
Thou art my Son indeed, this day begot by me:
         Ask, I will give to thee
The heath'n for thy childs right, and will thy realm extend
         Far as worlds farthest end;

With iron scepter bruise thou shalt and piecemeal break
         These men like potsherds weak.
Therefore, O kings! be wise, O rulers, rule your minde,
         That knowledge you may finde.
Serve God, serve him with fear, rejoice in him, but soe
         That joy with trembling goe;
With loving homage kiss that only Son he hath,
         Lest you inflame his wrath ;
Whereof if but a sparke once kindled be, you all
         From your way perish shall;
And then they that in him their only trust do rest,
         O, they be rightly blest!

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