Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Neil Peart can flat-out write

New essays at NEP News and Bubba's Book Club. Now if he'd just do something about that blinkin' fargin' blinding white-on-black color scheme in NEP News.

In NEP News he mentions Deal's Gap, North Carolina, whose 318 turns we navigated downhill in a Dodge Grand Caravan loaded with camping gear back in 2002, on our Tsali trip. Near the bottom of the "dragon's tail" we watched an old bald guy in a midlife-crisis Corvette miss a turn and head off the road.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Revolution take 20?

Maybe so - somewhere between Revolution #1 and Revolution #9.

Change comes to America!

Well that was worth it. Barry, Nancy and friends wrecked the economy, but at least we all get an extra 40 quarters a week; or, to fully capture the excitement, one hundred dimes - every week!

Two down, one hundred forty eight to go

As of early this morning I've got Psalms 1 & 2 memorized (in the KJV, for the perfection of its English). I read somewhere recently (Leclercq?) that in late antiquity "meditatio" referred to the simple memorization and recital of texts, not that fancy-schmancy off-putting esoterica that "meditation" can mean today.