Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sidneian Psalms online!

Here's a gem of English psalmody: the 1823 edition of the Psalm translations of Philip Sidney (nos. 1-43), completed by his sister, Mary Herbert, after his death in 1586. John Donne wrote a short poem about their work.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One of the creepier things I've seen

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles got rid of their old cathedral, St Vibiana, after it was damaged in an earthquake (iirc). Now it's a place called "((( artists den )))" [sic]. It's distractingly creepy to see music acts performing in front of the altar of an abandoned cathedral.

At least learn to read before you call

Apparently it's mega-post Wednesday. Just got a call from a telemarketer who attempted to read a script from H&R Block. After she fumbled the script and lost her place a few times, I hung up on her during one of her long chewing-filled pauses. Worst telemarketer ever.

NPR contra Israel

NPR has really ramped up their anti-Israel propaganda since Binyamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister again in February. Nearly every day they feature some story about the eee-vil Jooz and their oppression of the innocent peace-loving spontaneously-exploding Palestinians.

Scalia on amending the Constitution

Antonin Scalia, from United States v. Virginia et al. (94-1941), 518 U.S. 515 (1996), via Althouse:

The virtue of a democratic system with a First Amendment is that it readily enables the people, over time, to be persuaded that what they took for granted is not so, and to change their laws accordingly. That system is destroyed if the smug assurances of each age are removed from the democratic process and written into the Constitution. So to counterbalance the Court's criticism of our ancestors, let me say a word in their praise: they left us free to change. The same cannot be said of this most illiberal Court, which has embarked on a course of inscribing one after another of the current preferences of the society (and in some cases only the counter majoritarian preferences of the society's law trained elite) into our Basic Law.