Friday, October 1, 2010


If I were a Russian astronaut, I'd be embarrassed to fly in one of these hunks of junk. Really, most of this crap looks like it was built in the back yard by crazy Uncle Yuri who went on a weeklong vodka bender and welded together whatever junk he found in his garage.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, I am

The Christian Science Monitor asks, "Are you smarter than an atheist?" I correctly answered all the questions in the most annoying online quiz I've ever taken, so I guess I am smarter than an atheist, and everyone else, too:
Atheists and agnostics, Jews and Mormons are among the highest-scoring groups in a 32-question survey of religious knowledge by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. On average, Americans got 16 of the 32 questions correct. Atheists and agnostics got an average of 20.9 correct answers. Jews (20.5) and Mormons (20.3). Protestants got 16 correct answers on average, while Catholics got 14.7 questions right.
How is the quiz annoying? It consists of 32 questions, starting with number 32. I nearly stopped right there, but they didn't: half of the multiple-choice questions are worded as yes/no questions. Number 30, for example: "Do you happen to know which of these is the king of gods in ancient Greek mythology?" There are three possible answers to that question: Yes, No, or Huh? Come on, CSM, sentences aren't that hard to build.

Heere endeth the pointless Rant.

Back in the first American revolution

...we went to war with our government over problems that were trivial compared to this.