Friday, September 4, 2009

Sidneian Psalms: Psalm 1

Beatus vir.

He blessed is who neither loosely treads
The straying steps as wicked councel leads,
         Ne for bad mates in way of sinners waiteth,
         Nor yet himself with idle scorners seateth;
But on Gods law his whole delight doth bind,
Which night and day hee calls to marking mind.

He shall be like a freshly planted tree,
To which sweet springs of waters neighbours be;
         Whose branches faile not timely fruite to nourish.
         Nor withered leaf shall make it faile to flourish:
So all the things whereto that man doth bend
Shall prosper still with well succeeding end.

Such blessing shall not wicked wretches see,
But like vile chaff with wind shall scattred be;
         For neither shall the men in sinne delighted
         Consist when they to highest doome are cited,
Ne yet shall suff'red be a place to take
Where godly men do their assembly make.

For God doth know, and knowing doth approve
The trade of them that just proceedings love:
         But they that sinne in sinfull breast do cherish,
         The way they go, shall be the way to perish.

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