Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bubba's Bar-n-Grill is open for business

Get thee there now and read one of the best writers around.

Audubon's pocket-watch

I caught up a bit on work yesterday, then spent a good bit of the afternoon outside in the cool breeze reading John James Audubon's "Writings and Drawings" from the Library of America series. Turns out he made quite a few trips across far southern Illinois between his business interests in St Genevieve, Missouri and his home in Henderson, Kentucky. It was near the crossing of the Big Muddy River where he once met a drunken hag who, with her two drunken sons, tried to kill him for his pocket watch (the story is there in the section titled "The Prairie").

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senior & Nall

I've been reading John Senior the last couple of days - he was a radical Catholic traditionalist, and, curiously, one of the most sensible writers I've read. So it was amusing to find a Senior-like rant on fast food over at Nancy Nall's place today - she is surely the polar opposite of a rad Cath traditionalist, but if she and Senior ever met at a Fuddrucker's (not bloody likely, but still...) they'd get along swimmingly.