Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The joys of autodidacticism: Bach

One good thing about being an autodidact is that you sometimes discover something really good only after you're old enough to appreciate it. For example, Bach's chorales! Good solid simple Lutheran hymns perfectly arranged by JS Bach himself.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Small Town's city

Just back from Small Town's fireworks show. On the way there as we passed Small Town's very tall grain elevator the 4yo exclaimed "Wow! A city!" For you city slickers:

It was the completest thing

I was up late last night and happened to catch a series of very short video clips on ESPN2: "Mike Tyson's Greatest Hits" - a compilation of his complete boxing matches. I realized after a couple of matches that the only way to catch everything going on was watch his opponent's head, since that's where all the action took place. I missed a couple of knockouts because I eventually had to blink. Even with the slow-motion replay I still missed one knockout punch - all I saw was Tyson's left hand move a bit, then instantly his opponent was flying backwards through the air to land on the ropes and fall unconscious. Being in the ring with Tyson at the height of his powers was like being locked in a dark closet with a nest of rattlesnakes.