Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What could you do with half a million bucks?

recovery.gov says they've stolen 16 billion dollars to create (or save) 30 thousand jobs. If you dare to do the math, that's about half a million dollars per job. So that's what the government can do with $500,000. I think I could do a hell of a lot better than that, all by my little own lonesome.

UPDATE: see subsidiarity, a word from which King Obama's czars, sultans and potentates recoil in horror.


  1. The area we live in is a real recreation corridor in certain seasons, tons of traffic. The small highway is fronted with closed business after closed business. There's one coffee shop and one pizza place and one ice cream shack in forty miles, and all three of those businesses are for sale, as are two of the three gas stations/convenience stores, I believe.

    I couldn't figure out how some snack shop couldn't make enough to survive with this traffic, even if it only opened seasonally. Well, easy answer. The broken down buildings, even, are selling for over $250,000. Any small business on that road has to pull in enough to pay a $2000 mortgage every month, year round. Now they can't even sell the buildings because they are so overpriced.

    Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs, was it? 32,000 employees making over $700,000 a year each?

    So, we set up our economy so the banks own the property and people can't afford to run a small business, then we take huge taxes from folks who work in banking to create more jobs in industries like it. Looks to me like redistribution of wealth designed to make everyone a corporate employee. . . .