Friday, October 16, 2009

Seven quick takes

  • It's payday! Which means... it's grocery day! So maybe tomorrow I can make pizzas for supper. Can't today because we have no tomatoes - whole, canned, diced or pasted - for a tomato sauce, and no butter & Permesan for an alfredo sauce.
  • 4yo Quinta has been banned to my office for excessive screaming and crying.
  • 7yo Tertius wore his new Cub Scout uniform shirt to scouts last night, and got his Bobcat badge. Like 12yo Primus, he looks spiffy in his scout uniform. We have good-looking kids (of course).
  • She's progressed to steady quiet whining.
  • My favorite blanket used to be "Old Scratchy", made of a material that irritates my wife but is preternaturally warm, even when the material itself is cold. I've left Old Scratchy for a down comforter and now Harry the cat has adopted it.
  • If it weren't for Aldi's we'd be sunk.
  • 12yo Primus consistently produces whoopee-cushion-quality farts. Maybe he can get a high-paying job in Hollywood as a foley artist.


  1. Marie7:15 AM

    Pizza's really good with just olive oil brushed all over the top, then the cheese and etc., too.

    Has the ban been lifted?

  2. Marie7:18 AM

    Have you seen this? I love this one.