Monday, October 12, 2009

Get your laws off our sacraments

Just something I stumbled across in my archives from 2003:

I don't think government should claim any authority over marriage, which is not only a sacrament but an integral part of the natural law, which precedes and supercedes any claims of government. The government has no more right to define the nature of marriage than it has to define the nature of, say, the Eucharist.

Give the government that power [to regulate marriage], and soon enough it will attempt to define the nature of the Eucharist; it will define our prayers and worship as child abuse, our Scriptures as hate speech, our acts of charity as crimes against humanity, and so on.


  1. I just googled to find a copy of Belloc's poem on courtesy that I could shamelessly cut and paste, and the quote on the top clued me in. I can't paste the link here but if you google "belloc" and "courtesy" it comes up right away. I thought that was very small world. Was going to post all the links and all on my blog but was concerned that old blog might have been changed over for a reason so skipped over here instead.

    Oh, and I'm still stealing the poem from you.

  2. Good - I'm glad you found it. It's OK to link to the old blog - it's just static html pages now. I switched from it to something else somewhere along the way because I get the itch to try new software.