Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sidneian Psalms: Psalm 5

Verba mea auribus.

Ponder the wordes, O Lord, that I do say,
      Consider what I meditate in me:
      O, harken to my voice which calls on thee,
My king; my God, for I to thee will pray.
      Soe shall my voice clime to thine eares betime:
For unto thee I will my praier send
      With earliest entry of the morning prime,
And will my waiting eies to thee-ward bend.

For thou art that same God, farre from delight
      In that which of fowle wickednes doth smell:
      No, nor with thee the naughty ones shall dwell,
Nor glorious fooles stand in thy awfull sight.
      Thou hatest all whose workes in ill are plac'd,
And shall roote out the tongues to lyeing bent;
      For thou, the Lord, in endles hatred hast
The murd'rous man, and soe the fraudulent.

But I my self will to thy howse addresse
      With pasport of thy graces manifold ;
      And in thy feare, knees of my hart will fold,
Towardes the temple of thy hollinesse.
      Thou Lord, thou Lord, the saver of thine owne;
Guide me, O in thy justice be my guide;
      And make thy waies to me more plainly known,
For all I need, that with such foes do bide.

For in their mouth not one cleare word is spent,
      Mischief their soules for inmost lyning have:
      Their throate it is an open swallowing grave,
Whereto their tong, is flattiing instrument.
      Give them their due unto their guiltinesse,
Let their vile thoughts the thinckers ruine be:
      With heaped weights of their own sinns oppresse
These most ungratefull rebells unto thee.

So shal all they that trust on thee doe bend,
      And love the sweete sound of thy name, rejoyce.
      They ever shall send thee their praising voice;
Since ever thou to them wilt succour send.
      Thy work it is to blesse, thou blessedst them
The just in thee, on thee and justice build:
      Thy work it is such men safe in to hemm
With kindest care, as with a certain shield.

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