Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven quick takes

  • Fresh-picked basil atop the pizza sauce and below the rest of the toppings!
  • America's Funniest Home Videos is our guilty teevee pleasure.
  • I tuned my acoustic guitar down a few steps and now it won't stay in tune.
  • I'm working on a texinfo edition of the King James Bible.
  • Irish breakfast tea is stronger and tastier than English breakfast tea.
  • I've rediscovered
  • You can hear the influence of Pete Townsend in this 1969 video from Shocking Blue:


  1. Now,those are some quick takes.
    I loved universalis but never understood the deal about the Bible text they used not being approved yet, or some such? Is that all straightened out?
    I pulled up the youtube and started watching it, turned to my husband who is a huge Pete Townsend fan and read the take to him. When I started the video again, he got a huge "OHHH!" look on his face. That was fun.

  2. Universalis uses their own Psalm translation for some reason. It looks like they got approval to use the rather nice Jerusalem Bible for the rest:

    I didn't hear Townsend in the playing until the very last bit where he starts playing a little solo which sounded exactly like some mid-60s PT. Then when I played it back again the whole thing sounded like him.

    Thanks for dropping by!