Sunday, March 8, 2009

My library list

Here's what I'll be looking for Wednesday, though I won't check them all out at once like I used to do back in my mid-70s bookmobile days, like Sarah did Saturday; now I'll settle for one or two at a time that I'll have a reasonable chance to finish.

  • Fred Kaplan
    • Lincoln: The Biography of a Writer
  • Mary J. Carruthers
    • The Book of Memory: A Study of Memory in Medieval Culture
    • The Craft of Thought: Meditation, Rhetoric, and the Making of Images, 400-1200
  • Frances A. Yates
    • The Art of Memory
  • Elizabeth George
    • Careless in Red
  • Dorothy Sayers - Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries
    • Whose Body?
    • Clouds of Witness
    • Unnatural Death
    • The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
    • Strong Poison

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