Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny how things work out

We've never put much into our 401K account, which is handled by Vanguard and invested in stocks and such. We figured we needed the money now more than we'd need it in the far future, and anyway, we knew we'd never have some vast account on which we could retire comfortably. And then early last year we raided the account for all we could get to pay off our very last medical debt - there was just enough available in those last few months before the crash when the Dow was above 14,000. Now the Dow Jones is in a nosedive, taking investment accounts with it, and it doesn't matter all that much to us - there isn't much money in there to lose. One less thing to worry about.

Though I do wonder, along with Thurston Howell III in an old Gilligan's Island episode, when the Dow will break 1000 - heading the other way this time on its way into a crater.

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