Thursday, February 5, 2009

Government smokes

Sp President Obama signed the SCHIP bill yesterday, and the government program has a very special funding source:

The Congressional Budget Office says the bill will enable states to cover more than four million uninsured children by 2013, while continuing coverage for seven million youngsters. The bill will increase tobacco taxes to offset the increase in spending, estimated at more than $32 billion over four and a half years.

It's now your patriotic duty to smoke like a chimney. It's for the kids! And if the feds are smart, they'll start marketing their own line of Patriotic Old Glory Presidential cigarettes:
  • cherry-scented Washingtons
  • Lincolns: 100s and 120s
  • Nixons: short and crooked
  • Obamas: with a premium dark wrapper
And how about a line of Clinton cigars?

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